What are gaelic games?

Gaelic games, hurling and Gaelic football are unique to Ireland, they are indigenous sports that have been played on the island for thousand of years. They are field sports and are similar to hockey, rugby, soccer, lacrosse, Australian rules, basketball, American football, baseball and quidditch! Only better.

What should I wear?

Clash sessions are hands-on and practical. You should wear comfortable clothing and good footwear for moving around. If you have your national jersey that would be cool!

Are the sessions intense?

All our sessions are tailored to suit the needs of our visitors. We can cater to groups of all abilities and profiles and will vary the intensity from very low to high. We encourage our visitors to take part at a level that suits them and will never take anyone beyond this.

What if it's raining?

Remember, you're in Ireland! Playing hurling in the rain is perhaps the most uniquely Irish experience anyone can have! We continue with our sessions no matter the weather. Our sessions take place on our state of the art all-weather pitch. We also have full changing facilities and hot showers. A change of clothing is advised and towels are not provided. 

Do you offer a refund if I have to cancel?

Unfortunately not. We're really sorry but we pay in advance for our coaches and premises, contact us directly though and if possible we can reschedule your trip. 

Do you offer family prices?

We come from a family of seven, if we didn't offer a family discount our parents would disown us! Family discounts can't be offered online so contact us directly.